Windwood House | Lanark Village / Carrabelle, Florida

Location: US Highway 98 East, Carrabelle / Lanark Village, Florida 32322    For Reservations: Visit our reservations page


Frequently asked questions about the Windwood House

1. What’s the beach like?
Our beach has a natural, calm, protected shoreline. Get lots of details here on our Beach! page.

2. Can I swim in the water?
Yes! We’ve been swimming here since the 80s! The water doesn’t get super deep which makes this a great beach for playing in the water, floating around in a raft, or going for a swim. No rip currents here!

3. Is this a private beach?
The beach behind our house can only be accessed by crossing private properties. Though the beach itself isn’t technically a “private” beach, at the most we occasionally have a neighbor walk by. Say hi if you see someone walking the beach-they are likely from just a few doors down. Everyone is very friendly!

4. Can I take glass / my dog / chairs / a cooler / etc to the beach?
We welcome you to take pretty much anything down to the beach with you. The most important part is that you bring everything back with you and dispose of trash appropriately. Make sure to pick up after your dogs, too. “Leave only footprints.”

5. Can I camp outside of the house?
We do not allow campers, tents, RVs or any other form of camping. The main reason is because bears occasionally come through the area (another reason to always pick up your trash). We want to make sure you are safe! Always be cautious when outside at night.

6. Do you have much wildlife around the house?
Yes-we sure do! The house is nestled between tall pine trees and the neighboring lots are just shrubs and trees. You’ll feel like you’re in a tree house looking out over the water. We have lots of beautiful birds. You’ll see birds fishing along the shoreline, see hawks flying overhead, hear the ospreys call and more! We even see the occasional eagle. The water behind the house is abundant with fish. (We recently had 3 guys visit for a fishing weekend and they couldn’t believe they had better luck behind the house than anywhere else!) You may get lucky and see bottlenose dolphins and manatees, too. And do watch for bears! They are known to wander through the area looking for trash.

7. How does the damage deposit work?
Our damage deposit policy is just like any hotel you stay at-though most people don’t read the fine print and can find the damage deposit requirement intimidating. Let us explain some basics of how this works. We take a $300.00 refundable damage deposit with your rental fee. This is generally paid through HomeAway or VRBO’s payment system. The damage deposit is returned to you in the form of a refund to your credit card approximately 3 days after checkout.
Should there be damage to the house or anything missing (we take a detailed inventory) then you would be charged the amount of the loss. Break a plate? That would be a $2 fee. (Some worry that if they cause minor damage, that they will lose the entire $300.00. That’s definitely not the case with us!) Should you cause damage or loss greater than $300, you are still responsible for the total amount of loss. If the damage causes a loss of rental income, you would be responsible for that loss as well.
We ask that you please just let us know as soon as possible should any damage occur. This allows us to properly prepare for the next guest right away.

More questions? Email us anytime!