Windwood House | Lanark Village / Carrabelle, Florida

Location: US Highway 98 East, Carrabelle / Lanark Village, Florida 32322    For Reservations: Visit our reservations page

Pet Policy

We welcome dogs at the Windwood House!

Our Boxer enjoying a morning walk on the beach.

Our Boxer enjoying a morning walk on the beach.

We allow up to two well behaved dogs that fit the criteria details in our Pet Addendum below. Please make sure to read this in its entirety. There is a $100 non-refundable pet fee. We do make rare exceptions to our two dog maximum if the dogs are very small. Contact us with any questions.

Pet Addendum

It is hereby agreed by and between H. Linwood Gilbert (“Homeowner”) and Traveler as Listed on Booking Website (“Guest”) that homeowner will allow guest to have the following described pet and no others in the vacation home (“Premises”) upon and subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and this addendum.

The permission granted herein shall be limited to a certain pet(s) as described below:

Breed of Dog:






Guest hereby agrees to comply with the following:

1.  Guest to pay additional non-refundable pet fee in the amount of $100.00.

2.  Pet(s) must comply with the following specifications (documentation from an accredited veterinarian must be provided by Guest upon request):

  • Must have current flea/tick treatment.
  • Must be at least 2 year(s) of age or older.
  • Must be spayed or neutered.
  • Must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations. Heartworm preventive treatment is highly recommended, as it is deadly.

3.  Pet(s) must be leashed while outside at all times.

4.  Guest is responsible for cleaning up any/all pet refuse.

5.  Pet(s) are not allowed on second (top) floor of house.  Any evidence of pets on second floor may result in extra cleaning fees.

6.  Pets are not allowed on furniture.

7.  Pet(s) must not damage the premises or any furnishings.  The cost of repairing or replacing the damaged component will be deducted from Damage Deposit as described in the Short Term Rental Agreement. Any amounts owed above the amount of the Damage Deposit will be charged to the Guest and is due immediately upon receipt of notification of such Damages or missing items.

8.  Pet(s) will not be left unattended outside.

9.  Pet(s) will not be left unattended for an undue length of time indoors. Pet(s) will be caged, if necessary, while unattended.

10.  Homeowner assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pet(s) or humans while on the premises.

11.  The Guest shall be solely responsible for all actions of the pet(s) while on the property.

Our Boxer loves the cool sand!