Windwood House | Lanark Village / Carrabelle, Florida

Location: US Highway 98 East, Carrabelle / Lanark Village, Florida 32322    For Reservations: Visit our reservations page

Our Story

We’ve been visiting the Florida Panhandle since the 1970s. Back then, the Gilberts lived in Athens, Georgia and were looking for a place to retreat to and enjoy the beach. We now live in Tampa Bay, Florida and still find the Carrabelle area to be a perfect fit. Close enough to necessities and full of relaxed charm.

Our family first purchased a small building that was previously used to house railroad workers. The little green house sat sandwiched between Highway 98 and the beach and sat on pilings. It had crooked wood floors and a brick fireplace. Perfectly charming and simple. Unfortunately, a controlled burn got out of hand and destroyed the house. It was time to find something new.

The yellow house, as it was affectionately called, was a bit closer to town and tucked back from the road between pine trees. Though there was no beach view, it still was our favorite retreat. The neighbors had a chicken coup so fresh eggs we’re a welcomed treat. And though we loved the yellow house, we were still dreaming of the beach.

In the mid-1980s, Linwood and his mother decided to build a house right on the beach. They found a perfect lot and set out to build a place the whole family could enjoy. The picture below is of the Windwood House under construction around 1988. We’ve lost some beach to hurricanes since then, but were thrilled to enjoy walking right from the house to the beach once again. Though originally the home was build with just the basics, we’ve since updated fixtures, flooring and furniture.

Beach house photo from Gran to Glenda-we think_Page_1